Sometimes playful, often poignant and always thoroughly entertaining, the singer/songwriter and producer Nigel Ray Beck has earned a reputation as an artist that knows how to capture the attention of an audience.


His songs cover every aspect of life … somewhere in-between a big smile on your face and deadly serious … depending on the song, the mood and the audience.

The songs are often written on trains, planes, in cars, hotel rooms, and cafés. Some will end up being written on menu cards, postcards, or even on the back of the airline sick bag! Right there where the inspiration hits him …. normally right in the middle of everyday life.
The songs often deal with people and places he knows well … but not always.

He is a prolific songwriter … he often writes a set list before the show … but often deviates from it with spur-of-the-moment ideas or plays a song written at sound check. Other times he just “shoots from the hip” and chooses random songs for the whole show.


He only plays a moderate amount of concerts each year, often preferring to spend time writing more songs, producing other people’s recordings in his studio or just spending quality-time with a guitar, a black coffee & his dog …


He was offered a record contract in the 90’s, which he turned down realizing that he needed to keep all rights to his songs and the way they were played. A very wise choice when you look at today’s music business!

His latest CD “13 Four Minute Songs” was recorded at his studio The Red Room and is recorded with two different bands, US Rails from Philadelphia and his European band The Low High Fives.
Jess Klein 
is also to be found on the recordings, singing backing vocals and singing a duet on the song Wind me up.

You will find it on Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all the usual places.